Continuity Clinic

The Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic in an integral part of residency training. Residents have the opportunity to spend an afternoon per week in the hospital-based outpatient clinic, where they follow a panel of patients throughout the course of their training. Residents work under direct supervision of a dedicated clinic faculty member as well as a multidisciplinary team involving nurses, social worker, clinical pharmacist and office staff.  The resident serves as the primary care physician for their panel of patients and obtains training in the management of acute and chronic outpatient problems as well training in documentation, coding, and communication in the ambulatory setting.

Subspecialty Clinics

The Outpatient Medicine Clinic won the 2014 SSM Health Care Innovators Award for the subspecialty care provided for its indigent patients. The clinic also won the 2012 Innovation of the Year, sponsored by the Program Directors in Internal Medicine, for the subspecialty clinic opportunities afforded to Medicine residents.  Residents spend 1-2 mornings per month in the subspecialty clinics working alongside specialists from different fields and serve as the resident PCP for their patients’ longitudinal subspecialty care in areas of psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, HIV, and ophthalmology. 

Quality Improvement

As part of their ambulatory curriculum, residents are involved in research projects and practice improvement modules sponsored by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Resident champions lead their peer group in these important research and QI initiatives that foster life long learning.